Fashionable and warm during wintertime

Plenty of people tell me I must be mad, but I really like autumn. I love the turbulent weather, the colors of the falling leaves and the delicious warm sweaters I can crawl into. But beware, as it comes to sweaters a fashion disaster is quickly made. So pay attention to what sweater you choose […]

You don’t need more

A friend sent me this article from the Suddeutsche Zeitung: Mann braucht nicht mehr. With the subtitle: Es gibt eine Möglichkeit, auch in diesem Sommer seine Wurde zu wahren. Ein Lob auf das Weiße Hemd. And underneath a picture of a sexy Ryan Gosling in a nonchalant loose-buttoned white shirt. Reading further, I encounter the following […]

Gijs met donkerblauw overhemd aan Ceesnco

Maximum Blue, très summer chic

Blue is the colour of the summer, the sky and the sea. Blue is a colour that suits almost every man. Blue is also Maximum Blue, the colour of our new shirt. Deep, dark, mysterious indigo blue. That special dark blue that looks great with everything and gives you just that cool, touch of chic […]

Klassiek wit overhemd

Two brothers, one favourite shirt

This is a picture I cherish. Summer 1943, two brothers cool and full of zest for life, looking out at the world. The sleeves of their white shirt rolled up, and leaning on the fence they look straight into the lens of my grandfathers Leica. The youngmanleft in the picture is my uncle Cees, the […]

Tailor-made shirt

Sleeves too short, too wide at the shoulders, cuffs are too wide or the collar too tight… if this sounds familiar to you, it might be time for a tailor-made cees n co shirt. The perfect solution for every body. Made to measure In our studio in the Govert Flinckstraat 357 in Amsterdam we take […]

Fair wages, a natural choice

This morning I saw this headline in a big national newspaper: ‘Barely proof of good wages in clothing brands’. In the article, which refers to a recent survey of the ‘Clean Clothes Campaign’, it was further mentioned that the big clothing brands want to pay their factory workers a fair wage, but there is no […]

The art of rolling up

A classic men’s shirt, also your cees n co shirt, always has long sleeves, but sometimes long sleeves are not convenient at all. It’s hot, you have to fix a dirty job, or you just want that nonchalant look. No worries, there is a solution: rol them up! There are three styles that you can […]

How to wear a shirt with a tuxedo?

Nothing as attractive as a man in a tightly cut tuxedo. ‘Nice and easy, when you’re George Clooney, Ryan Gosling or Roger Federer’, I can hear your thinking, but believe me, almost every man looks good in a tuxedo. So, if you have an invitation with the dress code Black Tie, here are some golden […]

Wearing a shirt with a sweater

A popular combination is wearing a shirt with a sweater. A great way to look ‘casual chic’. But what is the best way to combine a shirt with sweater? Although the look in itself is quite safe, it is not completely risk-free. The difference between casual and dressed can be small and it is easy […]

White shirt worn by a woman

Beyond fashion

“… a return to the basic principles of fashion with its noble interest in fabric and cut …. Therefore, I will no longer talk about fashion – a concept that has no more reason to exist – but about garment.” One of the most important trend watchers of our time, Lidewij Edelkoort, predicted a few […]