You don’t need more

A friend sent me this article from the Suddeutsche Zeitung: Mann braucht nicht mehr. With the subtitle: Es gibt eine Möglichkeit, auch in diesem Sommer seine Wurde zu wahren. Ein Lob auf das Weiße Hemd. And underneath a picture of a sexy Ryan Gosling in a nonchalant loose-buttoned white shirt. Reading further, I encounter the following phrase: "Men and summer, usually complicated stuff. You just have to look around at weddings, openings or parties to see the men dressed in far too warm, dark outfits, melting under unmerciful temperatures of 32 C. Or worse, totally underdressed looking like a fool in three-quarters trousers, Malibu shirts and sandals, while the dress code clearly indicates 'tuxedo'. While the answer is so simple: the white shirt can always be worn, in every season, but especially in the summer, when the danger of perspiration is lurking and other light colors force the wearer to hold his arms stiff against his body. Especially at times when the heat is no longer bearable and the jacket is taken off, the white shirt proves its benefits to the man. And besides, there is no more stylish and more flattering garment for the masculine torso. The white shirt fits any occasion.

That’s also the opinion of Karl Lagerfeld, from whom these immortal words come: ' If you want to know what I would like to have designed, well that is the white shirt. It is the starting point for everything. Everything else comes next'.

A beautiful conclusion that we, as the designer of the perfect white shirt, wholeheartedly agree with.