Maximum Blue, très summer chic

Blue is the colour of the summer, the sky and the sea. Blue is a colour that suits almost every man. Blue is also Maximum Blue, the colour of our new shirt. Deep, dark, mysterious indigo blue. That special dark blue that looks great with everything and gives you just that cool, touch of chic you need, for example, when the dress code requires ‘summer chic’.

Elegant look

Do you have a wedding or summer party coming up, that requires the dress code 'summer chic' or ' Ibiza chic '. Then for your shirt do not only think of colours like white or light blue, but also of Maximum Blue. Because 'chic' of course, means a bit dressed, and dark blue has a natural classic, elegant look. But it's nice to combine a dressed shirt with a casual item like a hat or a striking tie with a cheerful print. ‘Ibiza chic’ refers to the bohemian lifestyle in Ibiza. You could then choose a white linen trousers and a loosely worn light blue shirt. A dark blue shirt combines better with a sandy or camel-coloured chino.