Fashionable and warm during wintertime

Plenty of people tell me I must be mad, but I really like autumn. I love the turbulent weather, the colors of the falling leaves and the delicious warm sweaters I can crawl into. But beware, as it comes to sweaters a fashion disaster is quickly made. So pay attention to what sweater you choose and especially what you wear underneath.

Business or Casual

If you choose for neat, make sure your shirt fits well, both on your body and on the collar. Choose Slim Fit if it works for you. And always wear your shirt in your pants, so is never pops out under the jersey. You can choose a sweater with a round neck or a V-neck. Always let the collar protrude above your jersey. Also important: the sleeve of your shirt should be 1-2 cm under the sleeve of your sweater. Do you want to make the look more businesslike? Then combine it with a tie, a V-neck suits the best. And if you have a party after your work or you go to the pub with friends, let your shirt pop out, for a preppy look.

Choose the right combination

That the sweater is of a good quality, goes without saying. Furthermore, there are a few things you can do to avoid common mistakes. Make sure your sweater is not too wide. Avoid a sloppy impression. Make sure your sweater fits to perfection. If you choose a shirt under your jersey, make sure it's a slim fit. A shirt that is visible makes a sloppy impression. Do you go for a T-shirt? Then don’t wear a V-neck sweater with a round neck T-shirt, and vice versa. In both cases, your T-shirt is clearly visible.