How to wear a shirt with a tuxedo?

Nothing as attractive as a man in a tightly cut tuxedo. ‘Nice and easy, when you’re George Clooney, Ryan Gosling or Roger Federer’, I can hear your thinking, but believe me, almost every man looks good in a tuxedo. So, if you have an invitation with the dress code Black Tie, here are some golden rules for the perfect look.

When do you wear a tuxedo?

You wear a tuxedo in the evenings and never during the day. It is intended for festive occasions as galas, diners, receptions and weddings. Of course, you wear your tuxedo during at day time when the invitation requires Black Tie. This occurs regularly at weddings.

How to wear a tuxedo

About the color we can be short; a tuxedo is always black. No discussion. The tuxedo jacket – usually single breasted – has a classic lapel or a scarf collar made of black satin. The tuxedo pants have a high waist and side, lengthwise, a black satin edge. You wear a white tuxedo shirt with a blind button closure and double cuffs. You wear a cumber band or waistcoat to cover the waistband of the trousers. A waistcoat looks more formal. The outfit is finished with a black butterfly bow, white pocket square, black patent leather shoes and black socks. No belt, that’s really a no go, just like a watch.

The tuxedo shirt

A tuxedo shirt is always white. Traditionally it had an upstanding collar (the wingtip), but that is certainly no longer obligatory. The choice of the collar is a bit freer nowadays. We therefore also see many cutaway or haifisch collars. Sometimes even a tie is worn. Traditional is also the starched and pleated front, but modern dress shirts don’t have this anymore. An important detail is the blind button closure, so the knots are not visible. Furthermore, a tuxedo shirt often has double cuffs, so you can wear some nice cufflinks. Cees n co does not provide a tuxedo shirt, but of course we have the most beautiful shirts for days without Black Tie.


The desire to vary can sometimes be strong, but if the dress code is Black Tie, this is really no option. If, however, your invitation mentions optional Black Tie, you may be more creative.