The art of rolling up

A classic men’s shirt, also your cees n co shirt, always has long sleeves, but sometimes long sleeves are not convenient at all. It’s hot, you have to fix a dirty job, or you just want that nonchalant look. No worries, there is a solution: rol them up! There are three styles that you can master quickly, with a little practice: roll up in a classic way, casual with the cuff on the forearm or stylish with the cuff on the elbow.

Classic Roll Up

Rolling this way is called the Basic Sleeve Fold. Loosen the buttons at your cuff. Fold the sleeve, starting at the cuff’s seam, fold it two or three times and finish just above the elbow. This way the sleeve is getting tighter and tighter, so hide the excess fabric so that the sleeve remains well rolled.


Your working day is done, it’s time for Happy Hour! The Master Sleeve Roll is a somewhat looser way of rolling up, with the cuff on the forearm. Loosen the buttons, turn the sleeve inside out at the cuff, and then fold double at the cuff’s seam. Two times folding is enough. Finish just below the elbow for a refined look.


It’s pretty hot and you want to stay cool, but you don’t want to ruine your stylish look. With the AIFA Roll the cuff stays stylish on the elbow. Loosen the buttons, fold the cuff once, so that the sleeve is turned inside out, all the way up just below the elbow. Fold it again, starting at the bottom. Practice a few times and you can tackle this somewhat advanced manner. It is a tighter, more symmetrical way, where you get almost no wrinkles.