Wearing a shirt with a sweater

A popular combination is wearing a shirt with a sweater. A great way to look 'casual chic'. But what is the best way to combine a shirt with sweater? Although the look in itself is quite safe, it is not completely risk-free. The difference between casual and dressed can be small and it is easy to make mistakes. Here are some golden tips to avoid common failures.

Round neckline or V-neck

First, choose a plain shirt with a collar that is not too big, and make sure it protrudes above the sweater. It is also important that the shirt fits well. If possible, choose slim fit. A visible shirt under your sweater makes a sloppy impression. If you want a more formal look, you can wear a tie, but only with a sweater with a small V-neck. A round neckline does not combine well with a tie. And if you want a more casual style, let your shirt hang outside your pants. Also important: the sleeve of your shirt must be 1-2 cm under the sleeve of your sweater.

Avoid intense color combinations

It is nice that you can vary with colors, but at the same time it is also a trap. Avoid intense color combinations and apply subtle color differences, for example a light-colored shirt with a blue jersey. A white shirt fits perfectly with almost every plain colored sweater, and black combines very nicely with camel or beige. A lot is possible, be aware that the colors relate to each other.