Beyond fashion

 White shirt worn by a woman

"... a return to the basic principles of fashion with its noble interest in fabric and cut .... Therefore, I will no longer talk about fashion – a concept that has no more reason to exist – but about garment."

One of the most important trend watchers of our time, Lidewij Edelkoort, predicted a few years ago a return to simplicity, style and craftsmanship. According to Edelkoort, the era of seasonal fashion is over. Instead, the essential a basic garment that is not sensitive to fashion and trends is replacing it, because it can be worn always and is not seasonal. It is beautiful to see how the philosophy of cees n co - back to simplicity, made with craftsmanship - fits perfectly with this changing trend of ‘fashion’ to the concept ‘garment’. Our shirts are all time classics that not only wear comfortably, but also available in 2020 or 2025, in exactly the same way. A shirt of cees n co is therefore a garment, and beyond fashion.