Wearing your favorite shirt with a tie

Is wearing a dress shirt with a tie old-fashioned? And is the tie still a status symbol? In the past, men with ties had a higher social status than men without, but nowadays the image of the successful man has changed. Partly thanks to the loose style of influential entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. And perhaps also thanks to the playful action of Prince Claus, who, some thirty years ago, demonstratively throw away his tie. Yet it seems you look neater, more skilled and more credible when you wear a tie. In addition, a tie is the perfect item to give your cees n co shirt and your whole outfit a personal touch. Therefore, here some tips for choosing the right tie.

How to combine your cees n co shirt with tie?

The pattern and color of your tie, party define your appearance. Are you going for plain, dashes or dots and what color combines the best with your favorite shirt? As far as the pattern is concerned; the smaller the motif, the more professional you look. A small dot with a lot of contrast, for example, provides a lot of authority. And fine or narrow dashes fit better with small slender men than large or wide stripes, which look often more beautiful on large men. Then the color. Make sure that the colors are enough contrasting. A light blue tie on a light blue shirt is not a good combination. But it should also not be too wild. My advice is to wear a lighter shirt under a dark suit with a tie that has an in between color. The colors must fit together, and the contrast should not be too large.

How do you wear a tie?

Make sure the length is good. The tie should just tip the belt, and not hang over it and certainly not above it. Most ties are knotted with a flat knot or a Windsor. But there are so many nicer knots that can give your outfit that unique touch. Just look at this movie how to tie the Glenny Braided or the Boutonnière. Very easy and great fun!

Special occasions

Not only on the Zuidas, but also on weddings and with job applications, the tie is still often worn. It even seems that the color of your tie determines whether you are considered more intelligent, more reliable or more energetic. For example, a red tie is associated with power, awe and energy, a blue one with calmness and confidence and a yellow tie with confidence and optimism. Take advantage of it, for what it's worth of course.