Wearing your favorite shirt with jeans

Can you combine your favorite white shirt with a pair of jeans? Not every shirt is suitable for that. Therefore here a few useful tips from cees n co; which shirt suits what kind of jeans and vice versa.

White shirt

The white shirt is everyone’s friend. You can wear it both with jeans and a tuxedo. Your cees n co shirt can also be your jeans's best friend, provided you combine it well. Wear it neatly for a formal look or roll up your sleeves if you want to look a casual. Both your light blue or your black cees n co shirt combines fine with jeans. In, or as shown in this picture, worn casually over the pants.

Formal or casual

The color and the fit of your jeans also define how formal or casual your look is. If you go for a little bit of formality, choose a slim cut, dark colored jeans. The jeans should fit tightly, but there must be enough room for the shirt. Absolutely forbidden are too tight pants with a too wide shirt. If you go for a more casual look, choose a lighter color denim. And, this applies for both outfits; it’s all about the details. The shoes, the jacket and the scarf give your outfit just that little extra.





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