One or more buttons loose?

One or more buttons loose?


Now that the days linger and it gets warmer, the discussion also starts again; how many buttons of your shirt are you allowed to open? One, two or maybe more? Even four is not exceptional today. With a casual shirt on the beach, you can get away with it but with a classic shirt like that of cees n co, not really. The fit of our perfect white shirt shows up best with one, max two buttons open. And in formal situations or in case of abundant chest hair, all buttons are closed.


A T-shirt under your cees n co shirt?

I know that quite a few men like to wear a T-shirt under their dress shirt, but my advice is not to do so. Our classic shirt looks best without. If for example, you go for a T-shirt for reasons of perspiration, take a model with a low V-neck. The T-shirt should not protrude above the shirt.


Be critical

My advice is; look at yourself critically. Some look good with one button loos, where others can have two. Be critical and look carefully at yourself in the mirror. The setting also plays a role. In a business environment, all the buttons should be closed or leave one open at most. If you want to a casual look, wear your shirt with two buttons open. And if you wear a tie, the top button should always be closed.